As we move into the summer time  – we have more mouths to feed.  With children home from school during the summer months our need grows significantly to provide healthy foods to those in need.  Help us by donating something on our top ten list. 15127_MostWantedItems_10192016_JNW

Top Ten Most Wanted Items

(October 23, 2015) The face of hunger has changed and continues to change each day. Many people don’t recognize the face of hunger in 2016. Wimberley Crisis Bread Basket has made an outstanding effort in helping the Wimberley community by being able to fight hunger and provide support for those people […]

30 Years of neighbors helping neighbors – fighting hunger one ...

Jo Hackett has been helping the Wimberley community for about 6 years with Crisis Bread Basket. She started as a volunteer. While still working in Austin she would spend her Thursdays distributing food to Crisis Bread Basket clients. In 2013 Jo became a member of the board of directors, and […]

Interview with Crisis Bread Basket Chairman Jo Hackett

05/01/2014 The New Crisis Bread Basket (Wimberly, Tx) – Local food bank Crisis Bread Basket is undergoing a rebranding campaign that includes new online and social media resources. A group of Texas State Public Relations seniors have teamed with Crisis Bread Basket to help increase the food bank’s visibility online […]

The New Crisis Bread Basket