30 Years of neighbors helping neighbors – fighting hunger one family at a time

(October 23, 2015) The face of hunger has changed and continues to change each day. Many people don’t recognize the face of hunger in 2016.

Wimberley Crisis Bread Basket has made an outstanding effort in helping the Wimberley community by being able to fight hunger and provide support for those people in need for the last 30 years.

In 1986, CBB (Crisis Bread Basket) was created by several churches with their goal being to provide food donations for people fighting hunger. While donors were scarce at first, over the first week they had raised around $500 worth of donations. It was the first step toward an attempt at helping Wimberley’s community and their efforts only continued to grow.

When they first started they would give out vouchers for the local supermarket but soon realized that wasn’t enoughsacks to support the people in need. Instead they started to hand out a weekly grocery bag filled with items to support the people who needed temporary help. After going through with the weekly bags, CBB decided to make this action permanent and continued with the weekly donations.

While they thrived as a food bank they chose not to receive government funding like most food banks. CBB made it a priority to help the people in need, not staple them with regulations. The organization relies solely on food and monetary donations from the community.

While donations are the most important part of their organization, it’s the volunteers that keep CBB running. CBB’s organization and purpose falls on the backs of the volunteers who care about the community. These people don’t have a salary or benefits, but always continue to contribute. It’s people like CBB volunteers that help the people in need. Not only do the volunteers run the organization on days when people come in for groceries but they also pick up donations, stock shelves, make donations themselves and most importantly work toward fighting hunger one family at a time.

When CBB opened their doors 30 years ago they focused on making sure everybody had the food they needed, but now they have taken a new step toward making sure the food that is given out has healthy options in it as well. CBB puts a lot of effort into making sure they have fresh produce, meat and bread for the people needing help.

ozona turkeysAt Thanksgiving, CBB teams up with Ozona National Bank and provides a Thanksgiving meal to families who wouldn’t be able to afford one. This year’s goal is to provide to 64 families. That’s around 250 people that will now be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with their loved ones without having to stress about paying for an expensive grocery bill.

Along with their Thanksgiving donations CBB also teams up with Wimberley Valley Arts & Cultural Alliance for the Annual Wimberley ALIVE! Arts & Music Festival. This will be the second year to celebrate the Wimberley community and CBB will be hosting the inaugural Empty Bowl on the last day of the festival. An Empty Bowl event is where a customer picks a handcrafted bowl to be served food in. The proceeds go straight to helping hungry families and people go home with a memory of all the empty bowls in the world.

019-copyAt the Empty Bowl event you can truly feel the love from the locals. Restaurants from Wimberley always contribute to the event as well as the donors making the bowls. Students and artists from Wimberley and surrounding areas all come together to design beautiful and creative bowls for the festival. Having CBB be a part of this festival goes to show that the people of Wimberley are really dedicated to helping people in need while also showing off Wimberley’s talented and creative community.

008-copy2Crisis Bread Basket has made great advancements as they continue to grow. With this year being their 30 year anniversary they are working as hard as ever to keep the Wimberley community full with healthy meals. They have created a safe place for people to reach out for help and make it an everyday priority to curing hunger one family at a time. CBB really makes it a goal to feed the body and soul of Wimberley’s community.