“For nearly 30 years, Crisis Bread Basket of Wimberley has been indispensable to our community providing critical services to thousands of local residents who found themselves temporarily without means to feed themselves or their families. Without the efforts of these volunteers and the local citizens who support the organization through donations of food and money, many of the weakest among us would be forced to try to live without essentials such as food.”
–Bob Flocke, Former Mayor of Wimberley

“I am a single parent (widowed in 2002) with one autistic son and one daughter. Crisis Bread Basket has been a blessing to me and without their help, I could not have fed my children. Thank you, Crisis Bread Basket.”
–W. Martin, Crisis Bread Basket donation recipient

“This organization has been crucial for our community since its inception in 1986. Programs such as the Crisis Bread Basket of Wimberley are necessary and critical in every area of our nation to provide aide to citizens during their most difficult times.”
– Will Conley, Hays County Commissioner


“The Crisis Bread Basket has always been of huge benefit to my family, providing items that I would otherwise have to do without. I wouldn’t make it without their help.”
–Bill, Crisis Bread Basket donation recipient